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A4 Mini Booklet Folding Instructions

  1.  Start with your printed sheet of A4
  2.  Fold in half along the long length
  3.  Fold in half again along the short length
  4.  Fold in half again along the short length again
  5.  You now have a small folded sheet
  6.  Unfold it all back to the full size A4 sheet, now with lots of crease lines in it
  7.  Fold in half across the middle. Make a mark in the centre of the page, then cut from the folded edge, through both sides of the paper, only as far as the mark!
  8.  Unfold it again to original size, and it should look like the picture above with a slit running partway across the middle. Fold in half along the long length again
  9.  Push the folded edges towards the centre, allowing the slit to open up into a diamond shape
  10.  Keep pushing the edges towards the centre until the diamond disappears into another slit, but running perpendicular to the folded edges
  11.  Keeping the slit tightly closed, fold over the four sides to make one small booklet in the correct page order
  12.  Finished!

Jewellery Quarter Walk

A beautiful 4.5km (3 mile) circular walk around the historic Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham where you will see the Coffin Works | Elkington Works | Assay Office | Newhall Hill | Victoria Works | Argent Centre | JW Evans | Thomas Fattorini | School of Jewellery | Chamberlain Clock | Rose Villa Tavern | Warstone Lane Cemetery | Jewellery Business Centre | Key Hill Cemetery | Museum of the Jewellery Quarter | Caroline Street | RBSA Gallery | St Paul’s Square Continue reading “Jewellery Quarter Walk”

Harborne Walk

This lovely, leafy 13km (8 mile) circular walk takes you into one of the most popular and sought after suburbs of Birmingham to live in, Harborne. You will walk along leafy lanes, canal towpaths, past Michelin star restaurants, Botanical Gardens, the lively Harborne high street and even country style pubs just a stone’s throw from the city centre! Continue reading “Harborne Walk”