1.5km Run Loop Birmingham

A nice short 1.5km loop (repeat to increase your distance!) in the quiet streets around Birmingham Cathedral, perfect in daylight or at night-time as all on lit roads/paths.

Pictorial directions:

Start outside Council House. Run NE. Turn 1 st left . Turn 1st right into Edmund St.

Continue along Edmund St. Cross over Newhall St.

Turn right into Church St. Run to Cathedral Square. Turn left onto Colmore Row.

Run one complete loop around outer edge of Cathedral Sq.

Run part way round a second loop of Cathedral Sq. Turn left into Waterloo St.

Run to Victoria Square and back to start.

Verbal directions:

Start at the steps outside the entrance to the Council House in Victoria Square.

Facing the steps, turn right. Run along the front of the Council House (for approx 50 metres).

Turn left into the passageway between the Council House and Starbucks Coffee. Run along this passage way to the end (approx 85 metres).

Turn right into Edmund Street. Run along Edmund Street crossing over Newhall Street, passing Barwick Street on your right, until you reach Church Street (for approx 230 metres).

Turn right into Church Street. Run along Church Street until you reach Colmore Row (approx 120 metres).

Cross over Colmore Row and turn left. Run all the way around the outer green edge of the Cathedral grounds in a clockwise direction until you are back to this point (approx 500 metres).

Continue to run a second time around the edge of the Cathedral Grounds, going past Needless Alley and Temple Street on your left, until you reach Waterloo Street (for approx 175 metres).

Turn left into Waterloo Street. Run along Waterloo Street until you reach Victoria Square (approx 180 metres).

Turn right to run along the edge of Victoria Square back to the steps of the Council House (for approx 75 metres).




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