3km Run Loop Birmingham

A great 3km loop in the quiet streets and canal towpaths around central Birmingham, perfect in daylight or at night-time as all of the route is on lit pavements/paths. Just beware you may have to run past lots of tourists along the canal if the weather is nice!

Pictorial directions:

Start at Council House. Cross Victoria Sq. Run down Pinfold St. Right into Navigation St.

Go under flyover. Turn right up path to Holliday St. Left along Holliday St.

Go under bridge. First left onto canal. Left at canal. Follow round corner and keep on.

Through Broad St tunnel, past Sealife Centre. Cross canal twice to run back (by Malt House pub).

Through Broad St tunnel again (on other side). Exit canal at James Brindley Canalhouse pub. Left up Bridge St.

Cross over Broad St. Right in front of Rep Theatre. Follow path back to city centre.

Follow path around Town Hall back to start by Council House.

Verbal directions:

Start at the steps outside the entrance to the Council House in Victoria Square. Facing away from the Council house, run to the other side of the square to head down Pinfold Street.

Run along Pinfold Street and turn right at the end into Navigation Street (approx 250 metres from Council House).

Run along Navigation Street until you go under the flyover (approx 225 metres).

Turn right just after the flyover and run along the pathway to the first road on your left, Holliday Street (approx 100 metres).

Turn left into Holliday Street and run along, underneath the bridge, until you see the first turn on your left past the bridge onto the canal (approx 375 metres).

Take this turn onto the canal, turn left to run along the canal to the corner, follow the canal to the left around the corner (approx 140 metres to the corner from Holliday Street).

Keep running along the canal with the canal on your right hand side. Run through the tunnel under Broad St. Run on until you reach a corner with a small island in the centre of the canal, the Sealife Centre on your left and the Birmingham Arena directly ahead of you on the other side of the canal (approx 575 metres to this corner).

Follow the canal round to the left at this corner then cross over the canal on your right using the second footbridge (at approx 100 metres from the corner).

Turn right at the end of the footbridge to come down onto the canal towpath again. Run under the first footbridge. Come off the towpath over the second footbridge towards the Malt House pub. Start to head back along the canal you were running along earlier but on the opposite side and in the opposite direction.

Follow the canal back under Broad St tunnel (on the opposite towpath this time). As it bends to the left into the canal boatyard area, come off the canal up the ramp/steps by the James Brindley pub onto Bridge Street (approx 425 metres from Malt House pub).

Turn left onto Bridge Street and run up to the junction with Broad Street (approx 100 metres).

Cross over Broad Street and run up towards the REP Theatre. Turn right in front of the theatre and follow the pedestrian route all the way back to Victoria Square where this run started (approx 500 metres from Broad Street to the end).




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