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Android and iTunes app for Birmingham available now!


View an example content page for how in-content promotions will appear at

All premium advertisers will also be geofenced * – so when a user enters within a set geographic distance of the bar/restaurant/attraction, a push notification will appear on their phone informing them they are very close. A map will also be available from within the app to show the route to that advertiser from their current location (* when location services are enabled on their phone).

Advertising available as follows:

All adverts are sold on a first come first served basis – be quick, as only limited advertising spaces are available on each route!

Banner – your banner advert at the bottom of every route on the app. Please contact us if you would like this option.

Ultimate – Photo plus Paragraph plus Map Point plus Geofence – £75 per month SIGN UP NOW!

Standard – Photo plus Paragraph – £50 per month SIGN UP NOW!

Simple – 1-2 sentences within route guide – £25 per month SIGN UP NOW!

[Please note there are a maximum of 2 Simple advert placements within each route, and these are only available to local businesses with fewer than 4 employees]

All billed monthly by direct debit.


Discounts available as follows:


6 Months in Advance5% discount ULTIMATE SIGN UP NOW! or STANDARD SIGN UP NOW!

12 Months in Advance15% discount ULTIMATE SIGN UP NOW! or STANDARD SIGN UP NOW!

For each additional advert (when advertising on more than one route) – extra 10% discount.


Please contact us to discuss your advertising requirements further or to setup one Direct Debit for all adverts you require, if having more than one.