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Newcastle upon Tyne, often shortened to simply Newcastle, is the largest city in North East England. It forms the core of the Tyneside conurbation, the eighth most-populous urban area in the United Kingdom. It is situated on the northern bank of the River Tyne, approximately 8.5 mi (13.7 km) from the North Sea. The regional nickname and dialect for people from Newcastle and the surrounding area is Geordie. In 2018, the city was declared as the best place to visit in the world by travel experts Rough Guides.

The city developed around the Roman settlement Pons Aelius and was named after the castle built in 1080 by William the Conqueror’s eldest son Robert Curthose. In the 14th century, the city grew as an important centre for the wool trade and later became a major coal mining area. The port developed in the 16th century and, along with the shipyards lower down the River Tyne, was amongst the world’s largest ship-building and ship-repairing centres.

Among the city’s architectural icons are the Tyne Bridge; the Swing Bridge; the Millennium Bridge; Newcastle Castle; Grey’s Monument and the Theatre Royal. Modern cultural icons include the city’s nightlife, awarded third place in Europe and seventh in the world by Tripadvisor; the UK’s largest bakery chain – Greggs; British TV personalities Ant & Dec; the Great North Run, the biggest half-marathon in the world; and Newcastle United FC.

We will show you the best walk, run and cycle routes of Newcastle! Just click on one of the links below for Newcastle Walking, Running and Cycling routes.

Walk Newcastle

Newcastle is a very safe city to go on a walk for leisure or to get somewhere. The feel of the university city on the River Tyne will definitely get you in the mood for a walk. Get to the city’s business, art or science centres via the Newcastle City Centre loop walk for 3.4 kilometres. For a more scenic route, try the Quayside walk along River Tyne. The Ouseburn Valley walk is 3.7 kilometres long and will take you to Newcastle’s Quayside. Walk around the busier area and natural scenery of Jesmond Dene Valley for 4.4 kilometres with the Jesmond Dene Nature and Shops walk. With so many options, you’ll be walking in no time.

Run Newcastle

Get your heart racing with a scenic run in Newcastle. There is a fantastic variety of running options here. Run the circular 7 kilometres that take you from Quayside to the city centre and back if you want to explore the city. Start off easy with a 1.5-kilometre run next to the Quayside. You can take on a bit of a heftier challenge and run 5 kilometres along Newcastle’s Quaysides. Finally, a 10-kilometre trail is also available to run along the Quayside. This could sound way too easy, but don’t worry, there is a half-marathon, 23-kilometre loop trial to run near River Tyne. The floor is open, and the choice is yours.

Cycle Newcastle

Newcastle is the best city in the United Kingdom to ride a bike. It’s equipped with a cycle-path network that is among the best in any UK city. Cycle routes along the River Tyne are carefully laid out. Try either the 44-kilometre West Extension Cycle along River Tyne to Hexham or the 34-kilometre River Tyne Circular Cycle to take in the views of the river. For more natural scenic routes, try the 13-kilometre Jesmond, Ouseburn & Town Moor loop. The final cycling route, which lasts 34 kilometres, will take you to Whitley Bay and back along the coast. Choose your scenic preference and distance and you’re set to go.