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The “City of Dreaming Spires” is known for its prestigious and very old universities and colleges, and of course, the birthplace of the Oxford Dictionary, which was so thorough, it took four years to get from “a” to “ant”. Oxford is steeped in history, used as a backdrop for scenes in Harry Potter, and has some stunning scenery in every season. Walk, run, and cycle through some parks and meadows that showcase some beautiful and unique fauna and flora, especially in the springtime. Learn a bit about the Bronze Age history of a meadow and have a peek into the city’s scenic history as it was relatively unharmed during the bombings of WWII. Join us and explore the small but jam-packed city of some impressive alumni, including J.R.R. Tolkien, Emma Watson, and C.S. Lewis. Just click one of the links below to see our Walking, Running, and Cycling routes.

Walk Oxford

Our walking routes take you through the city centre, debunking a myth about the Bridge of Sighs, to Oxford Castle and Prison, and learn about an odd disciplinary regulation about Carfax Tower. Oxford was the birthplace of the “Inklings” which included J.R.R. Tolkien, Maker of Middle Earth; Lewis Carroll, Chaser of the White Rabbit; and C.S. Lewis, Creator of Narnia. See the door that inspired the entrance to Narnia, Alice’s Shop, and the inspiration behind Sauron’s Temple. Walk through some beautiful parks and meadows, such as Christ Church Meadow and University Parks, which are both stunning in any season.

Run Oxford

Our run routes will take you through some of the most historic sites, including Oxford Castle and Prison, built around 1020 AD, Tom Tower, which rings its bells 101 times every day to commemorate the original 101 students at Christ Church College, and Saxon Tower, built in 1040. Find a few nooks and crannies along the way such as the “Watcher Tree” and Parson’s Pleasure Bathing Place. Run along Christ Church Meadow, Mesopotamia Walk, through Port Meadow, and over Magdalen Bridge; look out for some punters along the river.

Cycle Oxford

Our cycle routes take you along some traffic-free paths that are well-paved and scenic. Ride along the River Thames, River Rea, and some canals. See a few of the less touristy areas and visit some local pubs and restaurants. Ride over Fignon and Lemond Bridge, named after two well-known Tour de France winners, along Iffley Road where Roger Bannister first broke the 4-minute mile record, and weave through the city centre past the Sheldonian Theatre and under the Bridge of Sighs. Learn a few little-known facts, such as the research focus and purpose of the Clarendon Buildings and see the Beecroft Building opened by and partially donated by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web and URL.