Bridgerton Film Spots London Walking Tour

Bridgerton Film Spots London Walking Tour- The Rangers House

Bridgerton Film Spots London Walking Tour

The Netflix series sensation Bridgerton had us fantasising about grand balls, delicately detailed garments, witnessing drama and scandal, and, of course, romantic tropes. But did you know that the “all-seeing eye,” Lady Whistledown, is based on a real-life Georgian columnist? Eliza Haywood first published her gossip column in 1746 named The Parrot. She used this column as an opportunity to expose the hypocrisy, racism, and gender bias of London’s socialites and aristocracy. Much is unknown about Ms. Haywood, including her familial background and education. Nonetheless, she made accounts of how society functioned during her life and was ahead of her time with her anti-racist, proto-feminist ideals.

This route takes you past some of the most significant filming spots, with some modern London scenery in between.

And, lucky for you, Lady Whistledown has returned specially to guide you along this route…

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Route overview of the Bridgerton Film Spots London Walking Tour

Route overview

“Dearest Gentle Reader,

We have been apart for far too long. At last, London’s fashionable set has made its return. And so, too, has this author.”

The third social season is upon us, and this author feels compelled to share some wonderful news.

It is my pleasure to lead you through the halls and along the gravelled pathways walked by members of the Ton. I will guide you to each of these places and fill you in on some of the scandals and secrets which took place there. After all, no one can escape the pen of Lady Whistledown. “To be fair, one might call this author the biggest secret sharer of all. For who else could possibly keep everyone honest? When even the most well-kept of secrets must eventually come to light.”

Our first stop, dear reader, is the Lancaster House, which provided the interior backdrop for scenes set in Buckingham Palace, not far from here. Within is Queen Charlotte’s parlour, music room, drawing room, jewellery room, and bathroom. One significant scene, in particular, took place within the house. After King George III, in his confusion, unexpectedly appeared in the jewel room (the Green Room of Lancaster House), Queen Charlotte had a heartwarming conversation with Edwina. Perhaps Queen Charlotte is not as stern as she’d like the Ton to believe… “The ones we love have the power to inflict the greatest scars, for what thing is more fragile than the human heart?” The house was also used as a substitute for Buckingham Palace in scenes from The Crown. Sadly, it is rare to visit inside and see the exterior properly; it is sometimes possible on Open City days. However, you can take a virtual tour here.

Bridgerton Film Spots London Walking Tour- interior of Lancaster House

State drawing room in Lancaster House. Credit: Delicious

Turn right up Cleveland Row, left onto St. James’s Street, and right onto Piccadilly. Here, you will find Hatchards on your right and St. James’s Church a little further down also on your right.

From Piccadilly, turn right down Church Place, right on Jermyn Street, then left onto Duke of York Street. Walk around St James’s Square to the left to find The Reform Club just ahead of you across Pall Mall.

From the Reform Club, turn right down Pall Mall and right onto Cockspur Street. At the roundabout, use the pedestrian crossings to exit onto Northumberland Avenue.

Part 1 of the Bridgerton Film Spots London Walking Tour from Lancaster House to Hatchards, St James's Church, The Reform Club and past Trafalgar Square

Part 1 of the Bridgerton Film Spots London Walking Tour

For my avid readers wanting a change from the latest town gossip, Hatchards should satisfy your appetite. As London’s oldest bookshop, founded in 1797, rest assured you are in good hands and will have a wide selection for all tastes. Associated with the royal family for many years, the real-life Queen Charlotte herself was one of Hatchards first customers. Today, Hatchards proudly holds two Royal Warrants (originally known as Royal Charters). These warrants date back to 1155, when King Henry II granted a Royal Charter to the Weaver’s Company. A Royal Warrant allows the provider of a good or service to advertise that they have supplied the royal family in some capacity.

Bridgerton Film Spots London Walking Tour-Hatchards

Hatchards. Credit: The Bookseller

“Be it shame or slander, seduction or smear, there is but one thing that humbles even the most highly regarded members of our dear Ton…a scandal!”

The author once calculated, “Any suitor wishing to gain an audience with Miss Edwina Sharma must first tame the rather prickly spinster of a beast, otherwise known as her sister.”  Anthony was successful in his taming of this beast and courtship of Edwina, but need the author to remind you of their (almost) wedding, which was the talk of the season? St. James’s Church here in Piccadilly was the site of this embarrassment. However, it should come as no surprise to us, dear reader. Stolen glances and tender smiles exchanged between Anthony and Kate before and during the wedding was a clear precursor to Anthony’s stumble at the altar, much to Edwina’s dismay. Come what may, the author believes Anthony has finally found his missing piece and put an end to his bachelor ways.

Do take note of the days and hours that the church is open for visitors.

Bridgerton Film Spots London Walking Tour- St. James's Church

Inside St. James’s Church. Credit: Netflix

It is no secret that the gentlemen of the Ton enjoyed partaking in discussions of the politics of the time. Progressives, including academics, parliamentarians, lawyers, economists, civil servants, authors, and professional businesswomen and men advocating for democracy, frequent the Reform Club. Today, the underlying political values are still present; however, the atmosphere is more politically neutral. Members can enjoy fine dining, walks through the gardens, and attend the numerous events held throughout the year. It is no surprise, then, that Anthony and the Duke of Hastings are members of what was a gentlemen’s club in the series and meet each other for the first time in this very institution.

Bridgerton Film Spots London Walking Tour- The Reform Club

Inside The Reform Club. Credit: Country Life

Walk through the tunnel of Embankment Place and continue straight through the gates ahead of you to cross through the Victoria Embankment Gardens. At the Robert Ralkes Statue, turn left onto Carting Lane, walk up the stairs, and turn right to find the Savoy.

Continue to the right along Strand, turn right onto Savoy Street, then left onto Victoria Embankment under Waterloo Bridge.

Part 2 of the Bridgerton Film Spots London Walking Tour through Victoria Embankment Gardens to The Savoy

Part 2 of the Bridgerton Film Spots London Walking Tour

The Savoy is a modern-day luxurious hotel that has hosted some of the most well-known amongst you. Here, you can taste some of the finest foods using only the best ingredients and rub shoulders at the bar with the who’s who of the city. Very few hotels provide the same or better level of luxury than the Savoy, hence their numerous repeat celebrity guests. The author is of the opinion that should you be seen here, you may earn a few social points… As Violet Bridgerton put it so well, “We shall do what women do. We shall talk.”

Bridgerton Film Spots London Walking Tour- The Savoy

The Savoy. Credit: The Savoy website

Just after Temple Station, turn left to go through the small Victoria Embankment Gardens towards Temple Place and over the road onto Milford Lane. Walk up the stairs through the passageway onto Essex Street. Turn right onto Devereux Court, left onto Devereux Court, then follow its curves to turn right onto Strand, which becomes fancy Fleet Street. See our Fleet Street walk here.

Part 3 of the Bridgerton Film Spots London Walking Tour through Temple Gardens and along Fleet Street

Part 3 of the Bridgerton Film Spots London Walking Tour

At St. Paul’s Cathedral, go left up St. Paul’s Churchyard, passing the cathedral on its left to get to Cheapside. Using the pedestrian crossings, cross over to walk through Foster Lane and find Goldsmith’s Company and Hall on your right.

Retrace your steps back to Cheapside and turn left. Using the pedestrian crossings over Poultry and Queen Victoria Street, turn right onto Lombard Street and keep left to stay on Lombard Street.

Part 4 of the Bridgerton Film Spots London Walking Tour to Goldsmith's Hall, past St. Paul's Cathedral

Part 4 of the Bridgerton Film Spots London Walking Tour

Goldsmith’s Hall served as Queen Charlotte’s additional throne room. One simply isn’t enough, it seems. The day of Edwina and Anthony’s wedding required dressing rooms as grand as the wedding… would have been. The grand hall was the most fitting for what was the wedding of the season. Sadly, dear reader, these rooms and interiors are not open to the public except on their open days. But you can take a virtual tour here. 

Bridgerton Film Spots London Walking Tour- Queen Charlotte's throne room

One of Queen Charlotte’s throne rooms. Credit: Luxury London

Cross the road onto Fenchurch Street, where you will pass the big glass building, affectionately known as the “walkie-talkie.” Just after passing the building, turn right onto Rood Lane, then left onto Eastcheap which becomes Great Tower Street. Where the road splits, keep left onto Byward Street, continuing straight towards the Tower of London. At the next traffic light, just after the Tower Hill Memorial on your left, cross over the road passing the Tower of London on your right.

Part 5 of the Bridgerton Film Spots London Walking Tour past Tower Hill and the Tower of London

Part 5 of the Bridgerton Film Spots London Walking Tour

At the next big intersection, use the pedestrian crossings to cross over Tower Hill onto Shorter Street (you will be passing the triangular building to reach its point at the back). Turn right onto Royal Mint Street, then use the pedestrian crossings at the next intersection to cross over onto Cable Street, turn right onto Ensign Street, then left onto Graces Alley to find the Wilton’s Music Hall on your left.

Part 6 of the Bridgerton Film Spots London Walking Tour to Wilton's Music Hall

Part 6 of the Bridgerton Film Spots London Walking Tour

Eloise has never been one to hold her tongue and shy away from expressing her opinions or wondering about, unchaperoned… It was only natural then that Eloise found herself stumbling upon a feminist protest at Wilton’s Music Hall. When the hall isn’t hosting political events, it delights its visitors with glitzy shows, expressive music, and story-telling. Dear reader, the author unreservedly recommends an evening here in your finest garments. Perhaps from Modiste, designed by Madame Delacroix?

Bridgerton Film Spots London Walking Tour- Wilton's Music Hall

Wilton’s Music Hall. Credit: Netflix

My guidance throughout this tour has come to an end, but “There is no ending in sight for this author, who recently became aware of a scheme to unmask her. My one worthy opponent, indeed. Perhaps I will come forward one day. Though you must know dear reader, that decision shall be left entirely up to me.

Yours truly,
Lady Whistledown.”

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Not on the route:

Old Royal Naval College was the backdrop for a market visited by Eloise and Penelope. Young boys handed them the latest printing of the newest gossip by Lady Whistledown.

Bridgerton Film Spots London Walking Tour- Old Royal Naval College

Old Royal Naval College. Credit: Visit Greenwich

One’s first thought of Bridgerton is often the purple-shaded, Wisteria-covered, red-bricked building that is The Ranger’s House. It was chosen as the perfect exterior for the Bridgerton’s family home. Sadly, the house does not always look like a botanical fantasy. Nevertheless, it does not take away from its grandeur. The Ranger’s House is currently purposed as an art gallery, which you can book tickets to see here.

Bridgerton Film Spots London Walking Tour- The Rangers House

Bridgerton’s family home, The Rangers House. Credit: English Heritage

One of the rooms in Wilton House is the only place worthy enough of the debutantes’ presentation, where the Queen chooses the “Diamond of the Season.” The exterior might also look familiar. The Palladian Bridge was the spot for a promenade, chaperoned, of course. See the hours and days of operation here. 

Bridgerton Film Spots London Walking Tour- Wilton House

Presentation of the debuntantes at Wilton House. Credit: Shondaland

Following the scandalous and abrupt end to the wedding between Anthony and Edwina, they needed to do something to redeem their family name. The answer was a day out to a museum for all the ton to see. The exteriors of which were the Royal Artillery Barracks.

Bridgerton Film Spots London Walking Tour- Royal Artillery Barracks

Royal Artillery Barracks. Credit: Visit Greenwich


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Information gathered from various sources.

Direct quotes have been taken from scenes within the Bridgerton show.

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