Central London Route 30.5KM Cycle

This route is a loop that runs from Regent’s Park Train Station and ends back at the station. In total, this route is 30.5 km. The route will take you past many spectacular landmarks like the Tower of London, London Fields and Camden Road Photo Point. Additionally, there are restaurants along the way to stop for refreshments or a quick healthy meal.

1. Starting off at Regent’s Park and setting off, you will be heading in the direction of St. Paul’s Cathedral – which coincidentally is the first landmark on this route.

Google Maps: Regent’s Park to St. Paul’s Cathedral

2. 6.7 kilometres from your starting point, you will see the Tower of London. Serving as the second landmark on this route, the Tower of London is one of the main highlights in the city. In fact, this landmark comes after St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Tower of London

On the northern bank of the river Thames lies the Tower of London or rather Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress. The Majestic Tower of London was built in 1078 and is 27 metres high, which was an incredible achievement for the time of construction. Interestingly, the Crown Jewels are kept here.

Google Maps: St. Paul’s Cathedral to Tower of London

3. About 7.9 kilometres from your starting point at Regent’s Park Train Station, after you passed the Tower of London, you will find the Cable street mural on this route.

The Battle of Cable Street took place in 1936 on the 4th of October. The battle started when different political viewers attempted to stop a march and the metropolitan police intervened to remove barricades that were erected to prevent the march.

Google Maps: Tower of London to Cable Street Mural

4. Thames Path: Wapping / Limehouse is the next landmark on this route, the Thames Path runs along the north and south banks of the Thames river and is an extremely popular tourist attraction, especially on summer days.

The Limehouse cut is on the eastern side of the Limehouse basin and features unique views of the fisher boats and buildings around the basin. This landmark is 8.8 kilometres from your starting point.

Google Maps: Cable street Mural to Thames Path – Limehouse Cut

5. The next landmark is London Fields, which is another one of the highlights of this route. However, this is only a pass-by spot. Moreover, this part of the route stretches from London Fields all the way to Upper Street. 

Thereafter, your next landmark on this route is the Camden Road Photo Point. This landmark is 24 kilometres into the route from the starting point.

Google Maps: London Fields to Camden road

6. The final landmark of this route is the Primrose Hill Climb, which is another highlight of this route with stunning views.

Primrose Hill is well known for its beautiful view of the city from the top. In fact, the hill climb up to the top is a great exercise with anticipation of what awaits at the top.

Google Maps: Camden road to Primrose Hill